G. Scott Eldredge


Writing samples 

Smartphone manual (PDF)  I was hired at Palm to edit the documentation department style guide. Based on that work I was kept on to work on other projects, including user guides like this one.


Call center troubleshooting procedure (PDF) I became the lead writer in charge of troubleshooting articles for call center agents  to support the release of a new smartphone. I wrote 200 of the 400 articles for product launch. Articles were written in FrameMaker and reviewed as PDFs in the form here, then converted to HTML as in the next sample. The PDF shows all the content—a series of structured questions; the clickable HTML shows only the content the agent needs to work through the issue. The sample includes annotations to explain the structure of the document.


Call center troubleshooting procedure (HTML) The form used by the agent. The agent reads the questions and selects an answer, which leads to the appropriate solution.  You can view this in a Web browser and click to see how these procedures worked. However, the formatting and style will be bad because the files were created to be used in the call center application with its style sheet.


Process/writing/style guide (PDF) While developing/evolving the troubleshooting style on the way to product release,  I wrote this addendum to the department style guide for new writers.


Technical manual (PDF) A simple technical manual for a complex product—a software suite used to structure and track the repair of jet engines.  There was no preexisting manual for this project. I created and edited everything from skeletal specs, engineering interviews, and hands-on use.

Whitepaper (PDF) Marketing called these product descriptions white papers. I’ve done a lot of this type of writing also, as well PowerPoint presentations and video scripts for this sort of content.