G. Scott Eldredge


Past Atlantis


Atlantis, 13,000 years ago. Atlan and his wife Marella, an unwilling participant, are performing a prohibited and untested procedure to help Cre-an, one of a race of servant-slaves advance beyond his primitive part-animal state. Raman, the temple leader, sabotages the operation, leaving the creature prone to painful seizures. During one such fit Cre-an jumps to his death over a cliff. Unseen to those present, he vanishes before hitting the water far below.

Present day. Robert Alan (Atlan), a young geology professor, driven by a “need to know more,” becomes a student of Mason Collins, a naturally gifted clairvoyant, to learn how to see and understand energy. His interest in alternative studies leads him also to a lecture by Alexander Malik, a charismatic new age teacher who teaches people how to generate more life force energy, most of which he then takes for his own use. Malik sees an Atlantean symbol in Robert’s energy field and recognizes a past life connection, and an energy he very much wants. He meditates on Robert and in trance sees bits of their Atlantean lives and their connection through Cre-an, whom he calls Horse because of his looks and legs. Using a secret Tibetan technique and the energy of his students, Malike snatches Horse and a healing crystal he stole from his fall in Atlantis. Malik decides to use the crystal as bait for Robert and drive him toward it with Horse.

While in a restaurant Robert meets Sarah Pearce (Marella). They are drawn to each other, although Sarah also distrusts Robert for no apparent reason. After a walk on the beach, they return to Robert’s house for a warm drink, interrupted when Cre-an materializes in his living room and throws a piano at him. Robert and Sarah escape down the coast highway. Robert tries to contact Mason but circumstances and the timely appearances of Cre-an prevent it. They are driven along in fear. In his saner moments Cre-an is aware of knowing Robert and Sarah and of the possibility they can help him; in his seizured mind, he hates Robert for what he did to him and wants to kill him. In a battle in which Robert has the chance to kill Cre-an, Sarah intervenes to protect him, not knowing what motivates her, but sure Robert is wrong.

As events unfold, the other participants from Atlantis are involved, and Robert’s aim changes from getting help to following his developing senses, which are leading him toward his Atlantean crystal and Malik. The chase leads from the Pacific Northwest to the red rock canyons of Arizona and the Earth energy centers in the Valley of the Giants, where Robert gets Cre-an into a vortex that instead of healing him, makes him worse. The journey ends in the magnificent crystal rooms of Grand Caverns National Park, where the final confrontations take place amid giant crystals. 

Though not wanting to, Cre-an critically injures Robert and knocks Sarah unconscious. Robert knows it was an accident. Malik shows up, and to “save” Robert, defeats Cre-an with powerful bolts of energy in an unprovoked fight that leaves Cre-an near death. Malik says he can heal Robert, who is weakening because Malik is draining him of energy, but he must have Robert’s agreement to do sothe step that will bind Robert to him.

But Robert, though weak, has seen what Malik did to Cre-an and what he is doing to Robert. He calls back what energy he lost to Malik and although dying, he spurns Malik’s help. Sarah has regained consciousness and confronts Malik. He tries to blast her also, but he has unwittingly used all his student’s energy on Cre-an, leaving him prey to a 2x4 in the hands of Sarah. Malik leaves, refusing to help them by giving them the Atlantean crystal.

Sarah recognizes that that she and Robert can use the giant crystals all around them for healing. Robert says they don’t have the technology, but Sarah says they don’t need any. In Atlantis, they were the technology. She explains how and says Robert should heal himself first, and the two of them activate the crystals. Sarah balances the flows, and Robert combines and directs the beams. Sarah says he should heal himself first, but Cre-an is closer to death, so Robert heals Cre-an first instead. In the process, he and Sarah are also healed.